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The summer is hot and the temperature is high. The work efficiency of the staff is also decreasing. How can we reduce the temperature of the workshop and bring cool? The traditional fans generally do not have obvious effect in the 30 degree high temperature day. The central air conditioning is too unrealistic. What should we do? Industrial fans can solve these troubles.

Advantages of large industrial fans
One: comfortable and cool
The simulation natural breeze of intelligent large energy saving fan is blown on the human body and takes away the heat, thereby reducing the body temperature. Under normal circumstances, people can feel the cooling effect of 5-8 degrees Celsius. This industrial energy saving fan can make people feel very comfortable due to the effect of similar natural breeze.
Two: imitation of natural ventilation
In general, the traditional ventilation and ventilation devices are arranged according to the small space structure, and are feasible in a small space. With the progress of ventilation technology, in large space range, such as workshop, workshop, hall and so on, large energy saving industrial fan has a place to use. It can supply air in a three-dimensional way, make air flow in every place of space, balance the space temperature, improve the air quality, and get a healthy, comfortable and safe working ring. Border.
Three: remove the space humid gas
Mainly for some relatively closed space, such as warehouses, halls and other places. If the cooling conditions in the building are poor, the quality of the product may be reduced, and even a large amount of loss and waste may be caused, and some materials will be the first object of complaint once the material is dampened by the tide. Because the characteristics of industrial large fan can promote the air flow in the whole space, it can improve the air quality of the whole space, so it can effectively reduce the humidity of the indoor air.
Four: use more electricity with air conditioning
The intelligent large energy saving fan speeds up the air flow in the workshop to achieve the cooling effect. From the point of saving energy, it is undoubtedly the best choice to use the intelligent large energy saving fan in the summer season. When the temperature of the workshop is high, turn on the air conditioner. After the temperature drops, the air conditioning temperature is only set to 26-28 degrees. When the air conditioner is opened a few hours after it is closed, using the intelligent large energy saving fan wind to make full use of the cold air in the workshop, the cooling effect can be improved and the power saving is nearly 60%. It can also open some air conditioners, and open intelligent large energy-saving fans to improve the working environment in the workshop.