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Robotically-assisted surgery

Experience precision with our robotically-assisted laparoscopic surgery (Da Vinci). The aid of a robot and high definition 3D vision allows us to perform complex procedures. Dr. John is the only surgeon in this area trained and certified.

Little invasion with hysteroscopy

Our thin, modern hysteroscopes easily fit through the cervix with minimal or no dilation for a more comfortable experience. These thin telescopes are used in hysteroscopy to reach the uterus through the cervix.

Get a second opinion: it is routinely covered by insurance, particularly if you are being told by another surgeon that you cannot have minimally invasive laproscopic surgery.


Check experience: Find out how often the surgeon has performed your particular type of surgery in the last six months.


Check the surgeon’s education credentials: The most highly rated American Medical Schools and Residency training programs frequently are the most selective in choosing their students.


The person who delivered your baby may not be the best surgeon for you: Since most OBGYN’s practices are mainly obstetrics, with very little gynecological surgery performed by the OB.

Get the treatment you deserve in a warm, comforting environment - call us today.


Diagnose with laparoscopy

Recognize endometriosis and other possible problems with laparoscopy, which uses a lighted viewing instrument inserted into a small incision.

Advanced methods for the best results

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When considering surgery: